From Then to Now: a journey from trauma to therapist.

From Then to Now: a journey from trauma to therapist.

It is no secret that we all can use some help and support from time to time.

I am no exception.

In my early twenties, long before I became a therapist, I found myself at a point in life in which my ability to function well was slipping from me. I was simply unable to resolve painful, distressing issues on my own, leaving me feeling lost, stuck and isolated. I began searching wisdom traditions for answers to help my painful thoughts and emotions. I studied Lao-Tzu, Hildegard de Bingham, Thomas Merton, the I-Ching, Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, and many other philosophies and teachings. I practiced meditation and studied with indigenous healers. This exploration deepened my understanding of why humans suffer and expanded my perspectives of how that suffering can be relieved. Though I gained new perspectives, insight and some relief, there seemed to be something deeper which I was not able to reach and resolve. It took awhile to find the missing piece.

In my mid-forties a friend suggested a therapist she knew, who was “special.” I had tried therapy in the past to no avail. As it turned out, when I finally met with this diminutive, spry psychotherapist, my relationship to myself and my life began to change, deeply. Slowly, gently, she began to uncover my fears, insecurities, painful resistance and limiting beliefs. I was fiercely self-critical, and she helped me learn how to accept non-judgement, first from her and then from myself. She helped me explore my strengths of character, face my fears. By example and with gentle patience, she taught me to accept myself, follow my inner wisdom and embrace life’s potentials which I had always shied away from. This process moved me through the bulk of past trauma, until I discovered the courage and compassion to face my fears and affect positive change and growth. I discovered a resilience I had not had before, more able to face life’s challenges. Free to grow and evolve, free to embrace life.

Finally, I had the clarity and vitality to move on with my life. This led me back to school and ultimately to receiving my master’s degree in mental health counseling. Now, I have integrated the knowledge of wisdom traditions and traditional psychotherapy in the service of others.

It is my passion and my privilege to be present as others become empowered with the knowledge and tools to heal old wounds, experience their own sense of personal growth and live life more fully.