If we climb high enough, we will reach a height from which tragedy ceases to look tragic.

Irving Yalom

As a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), I offer services to adolescents (15+) and adults in Hernando County, Florida and surrounding areas.

Though I am a therapist, you could think of me as a partner helping you navigate the difficulty and pain you are experiencing. Whether you are dealing with a recent loss or an echoing past that is affecting your current happiness, I offer compassionate guidance to help you discover your path through. Therapy is often most successful when the client has a desire to investigate and participate in the process of change.

It was my own painful life challenges which led to me become a therapist. Like many of us, I found myself unable to resolve painful, distressing issues on my own. After using my usual determination and best thinking, I felt lost, stuck and isolated. Working with a knowledgeable, compassionate therapist helped uncover my painful resistance and limiting beliefs. I came to understand myself deeper as I found my way through such painful terrain. Through this process, I discovered the inner resources which gave me the courage to face my fears and affect positive change and growth.

Now, it is my privilege to be present as others become empowered with the knowledge and tools to experience their own sense of personal growth and inner peace.

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Whatever obstacles and struggles someone may be experiencing in life, I consider it a privilege to help them move through the challenges. I understand that the clients I see are entrusting me to give them the right resources to guide them down a new path, with a new perspective, so they can achieve their own goals. With a healthy balance of listening, guiding, and even learning, I take pride in using my own experience and resources to help people really start off on the right foot on that path. Whether you, or someone you know struggles with something like depression, or simply wants a different outlook on their life, it’s something to work through together, and by setting up a consultation, we can get started.

I consider all my clients to be more than just another name, or an appointment. Therapy is meant to be a completely individual experience, and I treat it as such, with deep compassion and absolutely no judgment. Not only do I want to provide support and encouragement for each of my clients, but it’s my goal to offer them practical resources that they can put into practice immediately in their lives. I used both modern approaches and tried and true methods to fit each client’s individual needs with understanding, no matter who they are, or their particular walk of life. Everyone can achieve more personal growth and strength, and it’s an honor to work on that together.

Please read more here to find out about my own journey through trauma.

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